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Beavers can be found just about anywhere there is water, including: marshes, ponds, lakes, rivers, and most any fresh water.

New Jersey Counties:Atlantic Bergen Burlington Camden Cape May Cumberland Essex Gloucester Hudson Hunterdon Mercer Middlesex Monmouth Morris Ocean Passaic Salem Somerset Sussex Union Warren 

The largest native rodent in New Jersey today, the American Beaver  castor candensis is found through out the Provinces of Canada  & the  United States (except for the Desert SW and the Florida peninsula.

Beaver are nature’s little engineers and they create , modify and alter their own habitats to meet their own needs .

Many people fail to understand that Beaver alone cost the American taxpayer because of nuisance beaver activity billions each year in lost timber and damage to transportation infrastructure to bridges and right of ways.

We do beaver control work on private lands, roadways, road right of ways, farmland and other agricultural properties. Beaver build dams that often result in flooded out land that can affect roadways and their bridges from washing out.


Find A  private beaver trapper in NJ.  It is amazing to find many counties and municipalities eagerly throwing away their taxpayers money for  over priced and unverified catches  for federal agency beaver tapping services to protect roads, bridges, farmland . One of the biggest problems when counties hire a federal agency is they lose control of the wildlife  trapped or even trapped at all. When you hire a private beaver trapper in New Jersey you are hiring a local neighbor and keep the tax dollars in NJ and not sent back to Washington DC.

  • Typical Beaver Lodge

    Typical Beaver Lodge . The beaver normally access a beaver lodge from underwater.

  • Example Beaver Dam

    Example Beaver Dam

  • Typical Snare Set For Beaver

    Typical Snare Set For beaver

  • Live Beaver in A Koro Trap

    Live Beaver in A Koro Trap

  • Beaver in A Pond

    Beaver in A Pond

  • Size Comparison Between Muskrat and Beaver
  • Snared Beaver Evansville Indiana jeff capps

    Snared Beaver Evansville Indiana jeff capps

  • Thats' a beaver slide-and land damage
  • Thats beaver damage on that tree!

    Thats beaver damage on that tree!

  • Beaver being relocated In Maine By Maynard Stanley Critter Catcher Owlshead ME

    Beaver being relocated In Maine By Maynard Stanley Critter Catcher Owlshead ME

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