There is considerable size difference between a beaver and  a muskrat.

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One phone number gets you help with beaver all over North America including Canada and most of the United States.

 855-699-4535 or 855-MYWILDLIFE !!

Find Beaver Trappers In Canada


Beaver Trapping is one of North America’s oldest traditions of all mankind which includes history that predates written history though our indigenous North America Indian tribes then quickly taken up by europeans explorers ion the 16th century.

Historically Beaver trapping is a very old North American fur trading tradition something Trapper Robb’s French Canadian  ancestors had  been doing in Quebec, Ontario in the mid 1600′s and both sides of the Detroit River in the United States Down River Detroit area  since 1751  . Historically Beaver trapping has been very important to Commerce in New France  in the 16th, 17th and mid 18th centuries 1534-1760. Beaver and other fur trade  flourished and made French kings richer.

The early  French Explorers and the Church’s priests established  trade with the Indian Nations  such as the Five Nations, Cayuga, Onondaga, Oneida, Mohawk and Seneca trading far away Susquehanna, near the Iroquoian Tribes near Erie. Up father North with the Huron, Algonquian and Nipissing  from canoe routes along the ottawa river out of Montreal and many fingers of rivers and stream enroute to the French River and Mattawa River.  This brought about wealth, commerce  and spread the Christian faith across the entire Continent of North America.

beaver-north-carolina-2007 By 1750 New France had fur trading posts west of the Great Lakes , Michilimackinac, Chagouamigon, Ft. Ste Anne,  and fur trappers really portaged canoes from Kaministiquia to Ft.St.Pierre up by the big Lake in the Woods Ft. Charles, Ft. Rouge, Ft. Maurepas, The Red River, Missouri River , Assiniboine River, Ft. La Reine, Manitoba, Lake Winnipeg, Ft. Bourbon ,Ft.Dauphin, bringing in fur for sale from as far away as  North Saskatchewan River ,  and the  South Saskatchewan River . Trapping has changed a lot since the early fur trade days. We feature beaver trappers  from as far south as Georgia. Alabama, Louisiana and Texas.

This is our own ANYTIME WILDLIFE Beaver Trapping Registry For All Private Beaver Trappers in North America.

This web site is a dedicated directory with an opportunity for a all private beaver trappers to register on this web site now and be listed on their own  US state or Canada province page from now till Jan 1st 2014 for US $60 . Call for details 855-699-4535 .


Find Beaver Trappers In Canada . Yes Canada , today we have a fe beaver trappers in Ontario but hope to head east ward to Quebec, Prince Edward Island, New Found land and Labrador and beyond. I am sure they have beaver problems near Halifax and Saint John’s.  Our westward beyond Ontario, in Manitoba, Albert and British Columbia, up in the Yukon, North west territories and Nunavut someday.

United States United States

Region Midwestern United States Illinois, Iowa, Indiana, Kansas, Michigan, Missouri, Minnesota, Nebraska, North Dakota,  Ohio, South Dakota,Wisconsin Region : North Eastern United States Connecticut, Delaware, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey,  New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont Region: South Eastern United States Alabama, Arkansas, Delaware,  Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland,  Mississippi ,Oklahoma,  North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, West Virginia Region Western United States Alaska, Arizona,  California, Colorado, Hawaii,  Idaho, Montana, New Mexico, Nevada, Oregon,  Utah, Wyoming .

This web site is open for all fur bearing species taken legally in each respective State or province beaver, coyote, ermine, ground hog,  fox, mink,muskrat, nutria, opossum, raccoon, skunk, woodchuck, weasels and any other furbearing including the exotic South American descent capybara.

  • Typical Beaver Lodge

    Typical Beaver Lodge . The beaver normally access a beaver lodge from underwater.

  • Example Beaver Dam

    Example Beaver Dam

  • Typical Snare Set For Beaver

    Typical Snare Set For beaver

  • Live Beaver in A Koro Trap

    Live Beaver in A Koro Trap

  • Beaver in A Pond

    Beaver in A Pond

  • Size Comparison Between Muskrat and Beaver
  • Snared Beaver Evansville Indiana jeff capps

    Snared Beaver Evansville Indiana jeff capps

  • Thats' a beaver slide-and land damage
  • Thats beaver damage on that tree!

    Thats beaver damage on that tree!

  • Beaver being relocated In Maine By Maynard Stanley Critter Catcher Owlshead ME

    Beaver being relocated In Maine By Maynard Stanley Critter Catcher Owlshead ME

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